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Learning the best of England English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson best of English?

During this English lesson you will be reading and learning about England and what makes it special. The final part of the lesson is about the various places that you can visit should you be lucky enough to visit England.

Why England is a special country?

England is a special country and lays claim to a special place in the hearts and thoughts of many people young and old. English speakers from United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand often feel a friendship with the land that gave them their mother tongue. England shares hundreds of place names with those English speaking countries. So for most people, going on holiday or visiting friends in England is like going home for them.

England has a grand age, with a massive amount of history that can induce a sense of awe and wonder. England is made up of many ancient cities, royal palaces, large cathedrals, and legendary sites.

One of the best things about England isn that it isn't very large, so you can base yourself anywhere in the UK and take daytrips to many parts of the United Kingdom, and visit historic cities and towns in other parts of the country.

People who visit England often like to visit the following places:

Without doubt London is the place where most people visit when going on holiday it boast of many world-class museums such as The British Museum, the National Gallery, the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Tate Modern, the Tate Britain, and finally the Natural History Museum. To read more about London click on the link below.

The three most go places to visit in London

The three most go places to visit in London are the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. You can read a more detailed of these three attractions by clicking on the links below.

Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Green Park, and St. James's park form a vast network of green space shared by Londoners and visitors to the capital of the United Kingdom.

One of the most elegant of English cities you can visit is called Bath; it has amazing Georgian crescents which are row houses built in a long curving line with 18th-century architecture.

Oxford and Cambridge are both towns and boast of two the world's most famous universities. The universities are century's old and well worth visiting for a day out.

Some people might prefer to to the beach and relax, you can visit Blackpool, on the North West coast, or head further up north to Scarborough, on the North Sea in Yorkshire. Brighton, on the south coast, has one of the best beaches in the UK.

Cornwall is made up of several picturesque towns, and many of them are former fishing villages that have a history of smuggling and pirates.

York, is only about two and an half hours from the centre of London by train, and is still surrounded by its medieval walls. York has narrow and medieval lanes; and is also home to York Minster, which is one of the largest churches you can find in the world.

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