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List of idioms beginning with U English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson list of idioms beginning with U?

This lesson is following on from small list on English idioms, again you will be able to use the list below to learn any idioms that you read about or hear about you don't understand.

How do I use this on-line English book of idioms and phrases?

Click on each letter of the alphabet to get the list of the idioms with an explanation of each.

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List of Idioms beginning with U

Upset the apple cart- to create difficulty

Under a cloud- If someone is suspected of having done something wrong, they are under a cloud

Under fire- If someone is being attacked and criticized heavily, they are under fire

Under your nose- If something happens right in front of you, especially if it is surprising or audacious, it happens under your nose

Up for grabs- If something is up for grabs, it is available and whoever is first or is successful will get it

Up to the neck- If someone's in something up to the neck, they are very involved in it, especially when it's something wrong

Up a river without a paddle- If you up a river without a paddle, you are in an unfortunate situation, unprepared and with none of the resources to remedy the matter

Uncharted waters- If you're in uncharted waters, you are in a situation that is unfamiliar to you, that you have no experience of and don't know what might happen

Under lock and key- If something is under lock and key, it is stored very securely

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