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State stative verbs and how to use them

What will I learn from the English lesson state verbs

state verbs English grammar lesson

During this lesson you will learn what stative verbs are and how to use them.

What are state verbs?

State verbs are also called stative verbs which are verbs that are used to describe a state rather than an action.

When using  English grammar a "stative verb" means that the verb describes a state rather than an action. David wants some ice-cream

When you are describing states, you must never use the continuous ('-ing') form.

Example whey not to use continuous ('-ing') form.

  1. I think we should go to England for our family holiday this year.  
  2. Sorry, what did you say? I was thinking about my holiday. 

The first sentence is an opinion.  CORRECT

The second sentence is an action. INCORRECT.

State verbs can go into to 4 groups:

Emotion: love, hate, want, need

Possession: have, own, want, belong

Sense: see, hear, smell, seem

Thought: know, believe, remember

Examples of how to use stative verbs and how not to. 



 INCORRECT USAGE (never use the continuous ('-ing') form)


I like you.

I am liking you.


I love you.

I am loving you.


I hate you.

I am hating you


It appears to be sunny.

It is appearing to be sunny.


I believe in Father Christmas.

I am  believing in Father Christmas.


This shirt fits me.

This shirt is fitting me.


This love song sounds good.

This love song is sounding good.


I remember everything you said.

          I am remembering everything you said.        

List of stative verbs

like know belong
love realise fit
hate suppose contain
want mean consist
need understand seem
prefer believe depend
agree remember matter
mind recognise see
own appear look (=seem)
sound taste smell
hear astonish deny
disagree please impress
satisfy promise surprise
doubt think (=have an opinion) feel (=have an opinion)
wish imagine concern
dislike be have
deserve involve include
lack measure (=have length etc) possess
owe weigh (=have weight)


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