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Nouns and the different types list with examples and explanations

How to use the list on nouns

Us the list as a reference guide for when ever you are unsure about a noun. Each noun listed shows a brief description and examples of each.

 Noun list

Noun Type


Common Nouns name people, places or things that are not specific.

  woman, mountain, city, ocean, country, building, dog, airline

Proper Nouns name specific people, places, or things.  

  Walt Disney, Mount Everest, Minnesota, North Sea, England, London Tower Bridge, Fluffy, Sun Country

Abstract Nouns name nouns that you can't perceive with your five senses.

  love, wealth, happiness, pride, fear, religion, belief, history, communication

Concrete Nouns name nouns that you can perceive with your five senses.

  house, ocean, Uncle Mike, bird, photograph, banana, eyes, light,   sun, dog, suitcase, flowers

Countable Nouns name nouns that you can count.                                         

  bed, cat, movie, train, country, book, phone, match, speaker, clock,   pen, David, violin

Uncountable Nouns name nouns that you can't count.

  milk, rice, snow, rain, water, food, music

Compound Nouns are made up of two or more words.

  tablecloth, eyeglasses, New York, photograph, daughter-in-law, pigtails, sunlight, snowflake

Collective Nouns refer to things or people as a unit.

  bunch, audience, flock, team, group, family, band, village

Singular Nouns name one person, place, thing, or idea.

  cat, sock, ship, hero, monkey, baby, match

Plural Nouns name more than one person, place, thing, or idea.

  cats, socks, ships, heroes, monkeys, babies, matches

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