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Learning reflexive nouns grammar lesson

What will I learn from the lesson learning reflexive nouns?

During this lesson you will learn what reflexive nouns are and how to use them correctly. 

This lesson you will learn about what a reflexive noun is and how to use them correctly.

Why use reflexive nouns? 

 When you need to use a reflexive pronoun you are able to refer back to what the subject of the sentence is or the clause.

How many reflexive pronouns are there?

There are eight reflexive pronouns:

All reflexive pronouns end in "-self" (singular 1) or  "-selves" (plural +1).

A list of reflexive nouns 

reflexive pronoun
singular (1) myself
plural (+1) ourselves

How to use reflexive nouns and how not too

The following list shows sentences of how not to use reflexive nouns and how to use them correctly.


Reflexive pronouns

The underlined words are NOT the same person or thing

The words in bold are the SAME person or thing

Jason saw me.

I saw myself in the mirror.

Why does she blame you?

Why do you blame yourself?

Diana sent him a copy.

Jason sent himself a copy.

Jaoson sent him a copy.

Max sent himself a copy.

My cat hurt the bird.

My cat hurt itself.

We blame you.

We blame ourselves.

Can you help my sister?

Can you help yourselves?

They cannot look after the dogs.

They cannot look after themselves.

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