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Common and proper nouns grammar lesson

What will I learn from the lesson learning common and proper nouns?

During this lesson you will learn what common and proper nouns are and how to use them correctly. 

What are common and proper nouns?

Common Nouns can be the name of a particular person, place, thing or just an idea. These nouns are your more common type of noun as they name people, places, things or ideas.

man, town, cat, show

Proper Nouns can be the name of a person, place, thing or idea. Proper nouns are always capitalized.

London Zoo,Toyota, Nike, Jason

What's the difference between a proper and common noun?

The difference between a common is a proper noun is naming a specific thing.

Example of common and proper nouns in a sentence 

When I arrived at their house, the big dog, which was called Rover, was barking loudly because it was lonely.

House and dog both common nouns.
Rover is a proper noun. (Rover is a name)

Examples of proper nounsCommon and proper nouns English grammar lesson

Proper nouns include these categories:

family names

Tom Smith

Titles, terms of address

Mrs Brown; Sir Bob; Lady Jones; Uncle Jim

towns, cities, villages; roads

Orchard Close, Brailes, near Banbury

continents, countries, counties, states

Asia, France; Lancashire; Arizona

institutions, teams, clubs

British Society; Greenpeace; Manchester United;

days of the week; months

Wednesday, October

ships, boats

SS Great Britain; Golden Hind; Polly

religions, events, festivals

Buddhism, Olympic Games, New Year

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