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Modal verbs explained with examples with pictures English grammar

Modal verbs explained with examples and pictures learning English grammar

Modal verbs are a very important of the English language. Modal verb are used with other verbs to express various things like ability, obligation and possibility 

Modal verbs with their meaning and examples

Modal verbs the modal, concept and example

List of modal verbs 


 Be able to  






 Have to

 Need to



 Don't have to  


 Ought to

Modal verb 

Modal verbs are also sometimes called modals. 

They are used before ordinary verbs and are used to express meanings such as permission, possibility, certainty and necessity.

Need and dare can be used like modal verbs


 Modal verbs with examplesModal verbs explained with examples

Modal verbs with examples

Modal verbs with examples

Modal verbs explained and more examples

Modal verbs with examples. English grammar lesson

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