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Conjunctions English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson English conjunctions?

During this English lesson you will learn what conjunctions are and how to use them in sentences.

what are conjunctions?

Conjunctions are used to link parts of a sentence either by co-ordination or by sub-ordination.

co-ordination           We played badly            and            it was raining.
subordination           We played badly           because      it was raining.

How to link sentences using co-ordination

Would you like tea or coffee?

Red and white banners

The house looked good and the sun was shining.

** Hint ** in co-ordination, the conjunction must always be between the linked items

The house looked lovely and the sun was shining.


The sun was shining and the house looked good.

Do not use !!: And the sun was shining, the house looked good.

When I arrived at their house, the big dog, which was called Rover, was barking loudly because it was lonely.

Conjunctions linking by co-ordination:

Using the words and, or, and but to link items togeether

And, or, but (so and then can also be considered) are classed as co-ordinating conjunctions.

Coordinating conjunctions can link words, phrases and clauses, while subordinating conjunctions only apply to clauses. The only restriction is that the linked items should be similar.
          Coordinated words: school and playground looked lovely.

          Coordinated phrases: The old school and the playground looked lovely.

          Coordinated clauses: The house looked good but it was raining.

Coordinating conjunctions give less information than subordinating conjunctions.

Linking by sub-ordination

          The house looked good because it had been painted.

          When I arrived at their house, the dog was barking loudly.

In subordination the conjunction must move around with the subordinate clause, or else the meaning will be changed:

          The house looked good because it had been painted.


          Because it had been painted, the house looked good.

          How not to use!!: The house had been painted because it looked good.

Conjunctions linking by subordination:

Subordinating conjunctions link clauses.

I'll come home if it rains.

They can be classified in much the same way as prepositions, but the range of meanings is more abstract than for prepositions:

          where, wherever

          when, whenever, while, after, before, since, till, until, once, now

          as soon as, as long as

          because, as, since, for, although, though, to, in order to, so as to

similarity and contrast
          as, than, whereas, while
          if, unless, provided

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