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Interjections English grammar lesson

What will I learn from the English grammar lesson interjections?

During this lesson you will learn what interjections are and how to use them. During the lessons there are several examples of how to use them.

What are interjections?

An interjection is a word that is used to express any kind of emotion. It can also be used as filler.

Interjections don't have a grammatical use

When you Interjections in a sentence they don't have a grammatical function at all. Interjections are not related to any other parts of the sentence. Should you remove a interjection from a sentence it will not break it and the sentence will still make sense.

  • Ouch! That must have hurt you.
  • Well, After working for the month I need a break.
  • Wow! That was a great goal by Messi.

Exclamation marks or a comma

Exclamation marks can be used when you are expressing a strong emotion (!). For a weaker emotion a comma (,) is used.

Interjections can be used for the following:

How to express a feeling using the following words, wow, gee, oops, darn, geez and oh:

Oops, I’m so sorry. I didn't mean to bump into you.
Geez! Do I need to tell you again?
Gee! Do you have to play your music so loud.

Wow! that was some goal by Ronaldo.
Oh, I see, now i understand what you are telling me.

Using the words yes, no or nope:

Yes! I will go to the shop for you!
No, I am not going clean your mess up.
Nope. There's no way am going to wash the dog.

How to use interjections to get someones attention with the words yo, hey:

Yo, how are you?
Hey, can I talk to you about what went on in class today?.

Yo and hey are considered to be very informal and used by the younger generation as slang words.

only use if you know the person very well.

Using interjections to show a pause using well, um  and hmm:

Well, what I meant to say was that we sorry for being late.
Um, am not sure what to say to your question.
Hmm. You really should start working harder.

What should be B’s expression?

 I got the best marks in the class for my English exam.
A:-                       (hmm. Wow! or Um.)

What should be C’s expression?

B:-                     ! (wow, Hey, or Geez) My car suddenly broke down on the way to work.

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