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Possessive nouns English grammar lesson the basics

What will I learn from the English grammar lesson possessive nouns?

 During this basic grammar lesson you will learn what possessive nouns are and how to use them in sentences.

What are possessive nouns?

Possessive nouns are used to show when something belongs to somebody or something, most times we add 's' to the end of a singular noun and an apostrophe ' to the end of a plural noun.


The girls's ball (one girl) the girls' ball (two or more girls)

What are possessive nouns used for?

Possessive nouns are used when you need to show ownership.

How to form a possessive noun

To form a possessive nouns the most common way is to add an apostrophe (') followed by a 's'.

  • Sarah's letter
  • Kevin's book
  • Granddad's newspaper

What to do if the noun is plural and ends in s

If the noun is plural then you add  an apostrophe (') after the 's'.

  • The kids' like playing in the sand
  • My parents' are away on holiday
  • The teachers' office is on the second floor of building one

What to do if two people own the same thing

If the 2 people own the same thing or talking about the same thing you can only add the apostrophe and 's' to the second person in the sentence.

  • Sarah and Simon's new dog is so cute.
  • Jason and Sarah's wedding will take place in December
  • Chloe and John's house

What to do if two people own separate things

If the 2 people own separate things then you must add the apostrophe and 's' for each person.

  • Sam's and Janes's food
  • Jason's and Sarah's clothes
  • Mr Bean's and Mr Smith's offices

Exercise which of the sentences below are correct?

1) Mr Beans' has a new computer.
2) Mr Bean's new computer is working well.
3) Mr Beans computer is new.

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