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Infinitives English grammar lesson using the word it

What will I learn from the English lesson infinitives and the word it?

During this English grammar lesson you will learn what Infinitives are and how to use them with the word 'it'. The last part of the lesson is an exercise to practice using them.

What are infinitives?

Infinitive are a verb that are used with the word to, they can are used a lot with the subject 'it' . An infinitive acts like a noun, adverb or adjective in a sentence. You will use infinitives a lot to indicate a purpose or the intention of an action.

Using the word 'it'

You will use infinitives a lot with the subject it. A simple example sentence would be "It is                      + infinitive.…" 'It' the word refers to the infinitive. You will be able to use this structure of sentence in many ways:

  • It is time to do the washing up Sarah.
  • It is common to feel cold when eating ice cream.
  • It is appropriate to wear a suit and tie when going to a wedding.
  • It was good to see you again.
  • It was a great honor to meet the king.
  • It was my pleasure to have lunch with you John.
  • It is good to see you have been studying English grammar hard.
  • It was lovely to go and see the sunset..

Remembering which verbs can be follow a gerund

** Hint  **

** Remember which verbs that follow Gerunds and which can not, is just down to memory  **

Don't worry about remembering if it sounds right it probably is correct

Verbs that can precede only gerunds:
consider, suggest, enjoy, deny, avoid, miss, mind, practice, postpone, resist, finish, quit, give up, put off

Verbs that can precede only infinitives:
offer, decide, hope, attempt, promise, agree, afford, deserve, refuse, undertake, learn, fail, seem, appear, tend, pretend, choose, demand, desire, guarantee, claim, manage, determine, expect, want, wish

Verbs that can precede either gerunds or infinitives without changing meanings:

continue, like, love, begin, start, propose, neglect, stand, hate

Verbs that can precede either gerunds or infinitives but will change their meanings:

forget, remember, stop, try

  • We had to stop watching the film. (We no longer watched the film)
  • Sarah stopped cleaning the house to watch the film. (Sarah stopped the cleaning she was doing to watch the film.)

Easy pace Learning online dictionary and how to use dictionaries

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