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Infinitives English grammar lesson

What will I learn from English lesson Infinitives?

During this English grammar lesson you will learn what Infinitives are and how to use them with the word 'to'. The last part of the lesson is a short exercise to practice using them.

What are infinitives?

Infinitive are a verb that is combined with the word to. An infinitive acts like a noun, adverb or adjective in a sentence. You will use infinitives a lot to indicate a purpose or the intention of an action. 

Infinitive are the base form of the verb. The infinitive form of a verb + to. 

The word 'to' can some before or after the verb depending on what tense you are using.


  • I need to go the shops tomorrow as we need to buy food.
  • She hope's to be chosen as the beauty queen.
  • Do you prefer to go the airport early.
  • You have to consider other people when driving.
  • Mr Jones will have to explain to the others about what happened in the meeting.
  • You might wish to act as a manager.
  • It is best not to drink the tap water when you on holiday to some countries.
  • Can you help me to carry the books to the classroom please?
  • To be healthy you must eat a lot of fruit and vegetables .
  • Can you help me to fill out this application form?
  • It was nice to go out and have a drink with you.
  • Do we have to move car?
  • Do you want change your main about buying that shirt, we have enough to go to another shop.
  • We must remember not to make another mistake with the next order.
  • By law you are required to stop at traffic lights when they are on red.
  • The students need to work harder to get better grades.
  • I need to pass my driving test so I can buy a car and cruise the streets with my friends.
  • You need to move away City the air is so much fresher.
  • Be sure to check you have brought your passport to the airport.
  • I am going to buy a new motorbike this weekend.

Splitting  the verb to emphasize the verb

Most times you will not need to split the verb and the word 'to', but sometimes you may want to emphasize the verb.

  • I want you to immediately stop what you are doing right now.
  • You have to seriously train for a long time to become a professional boxer.
  • You need to definitely explain what was your reason for quitting your job.

Exercise fill in the missing blanks.

1) I am going to start going                      college to learn English.
2) It is time for you                      to go ________ work.
3) Did you manage                      have a look at my car?

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