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Gerunds English grammar lesson

What will I learn from the English grammar lesson gerunds?

During this English grammar lesson you will learn what gerunds are and how  to use them. The last part of the lesson is a short exercise.

What are gerunds?

Gerunds are words that are formed from verbs but act as nouns.

You will be able to notice a gerund as the verb will will end in ing acting as a noun.

Dancing is fun.

The word dance is a verb. Dancing is a verb that ends in -ing making the verb act  as a noun.

It is the subject of this sentence.

Remember a gerund is a verb + ing that acts like a noun in a sentence.

  • You have to start believing in your self.
  • I had to start running to catch the taxi.
  • Sometimes I sit there watching the the children play in the park.
  • You must start eating the cake before the cream goes sour.
  • Mr Smith started painting the fence in garden, but had to stop because of the rain.
  • Mrs Smith loves sitting in park.
  • Do you like listening to music while you are driving?
  • I missed my appointment by taking the wrong train.
  • I love singing a song while am in the shower.

You will notice that a possessive noun or pronoun will often come before a gerund.

  • I hope that you don’t mind my using your pen.
  • Don’t be mad about my leaving early.
  • I don’t want you misunderstanding.
  • You will be amazed by my writing.

Exercise fill in the blanks withe the correct gerund .

1) I like                      (cycle) as it helps me keep fit.
2) Mrs Bean likes                      (buy) food so she can cook sinner for Mr Bean.
3) Sarah and her friends like                      (go) to the beech and ______ (play) in the sea.
4) I love                     (dance) gangnam style
5) Is parents were happy he starting                      (speak) to is friend as he had fallen out with them.

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