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Learning simple present tense asking information questions with words beginning wh-

What will I learn from the lesson simple present tense asking questions?

During this lesson you will learn how to ask questions using simple present tense.  The first part of lesson shows you how to use do and does. The next part of the lesson used question words beginning with wh-. To finish the lesson is two exercise to practise what you have learnt.

Examples of simple present tense

Do they live in Bangkok? = Yes, they do. Or if they don’t, no they don't.

Does  Mr Bean live in London? = Yes, he does. I No, he doesn't.



Where       +  do/does   +  subjects   +  main verb                          

            A brief answer                           

1: -

2: -









In England


Yes they do.

In Manchester  

No they don’t


3: -

4: -









In London  

Yes she does

In London

No she doesn’t









Yes/no questions

(1) and (3) are called "yes/no questions." The answer to these questions can be as short as yes or no.

Information questions

(2) And (4) are called "information questions." The answer gives information that has been asked for. Where asks for information about place.

Does is used in third person terms.

Does she have a car?

Does he work?

Does he have a motorbike?

Simple present Questions using words that begin with wh-

The following words all begin with wh- and can be used to ask questions in simple present tense.

Wh- + do / does + base verb

Who do you look like? = I look like my sister.

What does he want? = he wants to watch football.

Where does she come from? = She comes from Thailand.

When do you go to bed?  = I go to bed at 11pm most nights.

Why do you have 2 cars? = I need one for going to work and she needs one for taking the children to school.

Examples of how to use in present simple questions in everyday life

Below is a list of examples of how to use present simple questions in everyday life

Sarah, what do you do for a living? = I’m an English teacher.

Do you teach only teach English? = No, sometimes I teach IT.

Where do you work? = I work in a high school in Bangkok.

Do you drive your car to the school? = Yes.

Does your husband teach as well? = Yes he also is an English teacher at the same school.

What time do you both get home from school?  We usually get home about 6 pm

Do you like cooking food for the family? Yes I love cooking for the whole family.

Does your friend want something to eat? No, we both have just eaten.

Who are you talking to? = Am talking to Linda on phone.

Practising using present simple questions

The words are all mixed up!

The following words in the following sentences need to be put in the correct order.

  1. Breakfast have when you do?
  2. You your bike do to school ride?
  3. Do Sarah, living do you for a what?
  4. Where work you do?
  5. Talking who are to you

Make some sentences of your own

Write on some paper or post on the easy pace learning forum your own questions and we can help you correct any mistakes you might make.

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