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Learning pronouns - subject and object English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson Subject and object pronouns?

During this English lesson you will start what subject and object pronouns are and learn the differences between them. The last part to the lesson is a short exercise to practise using the correct pronoun in the sentences.

A pronoun has the same meaning as a noun.

I like John. I know him well (Him has the same meaning as John, it refers to John)

I know John. He is a friendly person. (The pronoun he refer to the noun John.)

In grammar, the pronoun refers to a noun.

What are subject pronouns?

Subject pronouns are the subject were the person or thing is doing the action.

I speak English.

You are learning English.

She speaks English.

He speaks English.

I went home yesterday due to being tired.

We said goodbye to Sarah.

Some common subject pronouns










Some common object pronouns










What are object pronouns?

Object pronouns are for the person or thing receiving the action:

Mr Bean knows me

Mr Bean knows you

Mr Bean knows her

Mr Bean knows him

Sarah telephoned me to ask me for advice.

I hit him as hard as I could.

We saw her about one hour ago.

Fill in correct pronouns for the sentences

This exercise you will practice using object and subject pronouns, by writing the correct pronoun where the blank spaces are.

Copy and write the list on a piece of paper and fill in the missing blanks.

**Hint** the words that are in the brackets “(they)” are not always the answer they are only to give you a clue to what the answer might be.

Nobody told ___us__ that John was late picking us up, (they)

Pronouns exercise

1 She... telephoned her mum this morning, (she)

2 The police watched .him... for hours, (he)

3 Hasn't ______ arrived yet? (she)

4   _________don't understand. (I)

5 Am sorry are you talking to _______? (I)

6 Don't ask ____   ____ won’t know anything, (she/she)

7 This is Sarah: ______have known ________ for over ten years, (we/she)

8 Nobody told _______ the taxi was waiting outside the house, (they)

9 Why didn't ______ ask _______ to come? (She/they)

10 Don't ask ______Ask_______(I/he)

11 ________ think ________ doesn't like ________ (T/hc/I)

12 _________ asked _______ to invite _________ (they/he/we)

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