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Learning reflexive - pronouns English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson reflective pronouns?

During this English lesson you will start learning what reflective pronouns are and learn the differences from subject and object pronouns. The last part to the lesson is a short exercise to practise using the correct reflective pronoun in the sentences.

What are reflective pronouns?

Reflective pronouns are when the object is the same person or thing as the subject

 1 cut, myself when I was cooking.

The new kettle will switch itself off all by itself.

Some common reflective pronouns











Fill in correct pronouns for the sentences exercise

This exercise you will practice using object and subject pronouns by writing the correct pronoun where the blank spaces are.

Copy and write the list on a piece of paper and fill in the missing blanks.

Pronouns exercise

Write the correct reflexive pronouns for these sentences.

1 To wake . . . myself. . . up in the morning I like to eat breakfast after a cup of coffee.

2 Thanks for inviting us to the movies, we really enjoyed ________.

3 I hate watching ______ on homemade videos.

4 I'm sorry, Sarah, but I don’t have enough money to pay for both of us. Can you pay for ________ ?

5 After his accident at work, Mr Bean drove ___________ to the nearest hospital.

6 We don’t need to get a babysitter; the children are old enough to look after ________.

7 Now, students, you must remember to give_________ enough time to answer all the English questions.

8 'I wonder if I should apply for that job?' she asked ________.

9 We're planning to buy ________ a brand new car.

10 she hurt _______ when she was playing on the climbing frame in the local park.

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