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Learning adjectives, and how to use them, English lesson.

Adjectives English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson adjectives?

During this lesson you will learn what adjectives are and how to use them. You will learn also the adjectives also have oppersites.

What are adjectives?

Adjectives are used to describe nouns. They are words that describe or modify another person, thing, place, or idea in the sentence. They can also describe pronouns, which are words that stand in for nouns (click on the link for the lesson on nouns). Adjectives most of the time come before the word, they are used to describe nouns.

Adjectives come in front of nouns that they are describing, but not always. In the sentence below, the adjectives in bold

The wooden boat with its lovely blue sail sailed over the murky pond water.

Why are the words in bold adjectives?

 Wooden describes boat; lovely and blue describe sail; murky and pond describe water.

The hungry girl has a fresh orange.

Adjective describes nouns

An Adjective describes nouns. Adjectives “modify" nouns. The word "modify" means "change a little." Adjectives give a little different meaning to a noun: cold food, hot good, nice food, bad food.

More examples

Mr Bean was talking to the tall professor.

The lazy policemen never left the car so the robbers got away.

A solid commitment was made by the children to raise money for charity.

A month’s pay is a lot go money

A six-year-old child was having their birthday party in the park today.

A small list of adjectives and the opposite


Beautiful - ugly   

Good - bad

Big - small    

Cheap – expensive      

Clean - dirty     

Dangerous - safe   

Hot – cold

Easy - difficult   


Noisy – quite


Sour – sweet

Dry – wet

Large – small


Old – young


Strong – weak

Easy – hard

Long – short


Poor – rich



Find the ADJECTIVES in the sentences and identify the nouns they modify.

Copy and write the following sentences on a piece of paper and try find the adjectives and noun.

We were sitting in the kitchen drinking some hot coffee.

Mrs Bean is a wise woman.

English is not my native language, but I love learning English.

The busy waiter poured coffee into the empty beaker

 A young man carried their heavy suitcase for Mr and Mrs Bean.

I had to sit in an uncomfortable chair at the football match.

 There is international news on the front page of the newspaper.

My mum is a wonderful lady.


A list of adjectives exercise

Copy and write the first list below and try to find the opposite adjective from the second list, use the 2 examples to help you.


Adjective                                         Opposite

1)      Good                Bad                              Closed

2)      Fat                                                       New

3)      Big                                                       Poor

4)      Tall                                                      Bad

5)      Full                                                      Dry

6)      Young                                                  Slow

7)      Open                                                   Short

8)      Wet                                                     Thin

9)      Hot                                                      Low

10)   Old                                                     Cold

11)   Happy                                                 Empty

12)   Fast                                                     Soft

13)   High                                                    Small

14)   Rich                                                    Sad

15)   Hard               soft                              Old


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