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Present progressive tense English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson present progressive tense English lesson?

During this English lesson you will learn what Present progressive tense is and how to use it. The main part of the lesson you will be learning how to use the helping verbs ‘am is are’ with a main verb

What is present perfect continuous tense?

Present progressive tense is used to put emphasis on the duration of an action which has started in the past and continues up to the present, You will use present progressive tense is a lot with time expressions such as for, since, all morning / all afternoon/ all evening/ all week / all day / all week / minutes. (The lesson how to use with time expressions click on the link) This lesson we will be concentrating on using helping verbs with a main verb.


I am +


I am sitting down in the kitchen right now.

Mr Bean is +       


Mr Bean is sitting in the car right now.

You are +


You are sitting in class right now


Why are these sentences above present progressive tense?

I am sitting down in the kitchen right now.

The action is sitting which is happening right at this very moment and started in the past.

I am sitting down in the kitchen right now. (am = helping verb sitting = main verb)

Helping verbs

Am, is, are = helping verbs

Sitting = the main verb

Mr Bean is sitting in the car right now. (is = helping verb sitting = main verb)

You are sitting in class right now

By using helping verbs and adding ing onto the main verb = present progressive tense.

Mr Bean is eating is dinner right now (is = helping verb eating = main verb)

** Hint**

Present progressive tense can also be called?

Sometimes the present progressive tense is also called the “present continuous" / "continuous present."


What is the conversation about?

Mr Bean is Sarah’s English teacher today they are learning how to use  present progressive tense, by asking questions what clothes they are wearing today.

Am is are (helping verbs) + wearing (main verb by adding ing makes it present progressive)

Mr Bean: - Good morning Sarah, please tell me what are you wearing today?

Sarah: - Good morning sir, I'm wearing a blue blouse and a black skirt.

Mr Bean: -: Can you tell me what is John wearing?

Sarah: - Sure, he's wearing black pants and a t-shirt.

Mr Bean: - What colour is his t-shirt?

Sarah: - It’s white with yellow letters.

Mr Bean: - What else is john wearing?

Sarah: - He's wearing trainers, black socks, baseball cap and a digital watch.

Mr Bean: - Please tell me what am I wearing today?

Sarah: - You are wearing blacking pants with a shirt and tie.

Mr Bean: - Thanks Sarah that’s all for now, you did very well in your oral test.