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Christmas Present Simple Present Continuous examples

What will I learn from the lesson Christmas Present Simple Present Continuous examples?

This lesson follows on from the Learning present perfect continuous English lesson and uses Christmas to show examples how to use present simple continuous tense.

Present progressive tense can also be called?

Sometimes the present progressive tense is also called the “present continuous" / "continuous present."

What is present perfect continuous tense?

Perfect continuous tense is used to put emphasis on the duration of an action which has started in the past and continues up to the present, present perfect continuous is also used a lot when using time expressions such as for, since, all morning / all afternoon/ all evening/ all week / all day / all week / minutes.

Examples of present perfect continuous tense

Try and think why the sentences are present perfect continuous?

Mr Bean has been cracking nuts for the last hour.

Mrs Bean has been carving the turkey for five minutes.

The children faces are dirty. They have been eating chocolates all morning.

The Christmas tree has been up since December 1st.

The Children have been awake since 3 a.m. waiting to open their presents.

You are ripping the wrapping paper off a present

How long have you been writing Xmas Cards?

We have been praying at this church since 1999.

Mr Bean has been trying to get a paper hat to fit is head for ten minutes.

You are late! We have been waiting for you for you since one o'clock, for you to start singing

Please tell me how long you have been playing a musical instrument

It has been snowing all day it looks lovely.

How long have we been drinking champagne?

My mother has made Christmas cake now for over thirty years.

Mr Bean has been pouring gravy on everyone’s dinner for 5 minutes now.

The dinner has been in the oven since six a.m.

Peter has been lighting fireworks for over an hour now.

I have been working since 4 a.m. so I can get back for my Christmas dinner.

Mr and Mrs Bean have been on the train for many hours.

My dad has been dressing up as Santa for ten years

Mr Bean has been kissing a lot of ladies lately under the mistletoe he is a lucky man.

John has been putting presents into the stocking the children had hung up on the fireplace.

Jane has been putting presents into the shoe for ten minutes now.

How long have you like eating fish didn’t you not use to like eating fish?

Have you been visiting people’s houses?

Have you been shopping lately?

Mrs Bean has been cleaning the house all morning after the children had opened their presents..

We have been watching TV all evening.