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Simple past tense of be

What will I be learning during the English lesson simple past tense of be?

What is simple past tense of be?

Simple past tense is an action that was started in the past and finished in the past. The last part of the lesson is examples of how to use simple past tense be in sentences.

Examples of simple past tense be (past time)

Shirley was in class all day yesterday.

Alan was at the cricket match last week.

I went to a party yesterday and saw lots of my school friends.

Why are the above examples simple past tense be?

Shirley was in class all day yesterday.

Yesterday has finished. The action started yesterday and finished yesterday.

** Was is used to describe something that has already happened **

Simple past tense of be

Singular (one person)

Plural (more than one person)

I was

We were

you were (one person)

You were (more than one person)

she was

They were

He was


It was



Some more examples of using simple past tense be (past time)

Sally was in class yesterday too.

 I was class yesterday with sally.

John was in sports hall yesterday.

The weather was really hot yesterday.

We were in class yesterday.

You were busy yesterday.

I was happy yesterday.

Sam was in her new car yesterday.

Tommy was in his best suit yesterday.

Sarah and Alice were not their offices yesterday.

Exercise, practise using simple past tense be

What is the exercise about?

The Exercise is a list of sentences that in are present time you have to change them from present into simple past tense.

Write down the sentences on a piece of paper and answer each one.

The first two have the answers to help you.

1. Mr Bean is in his office today. = Mr Bean was in his office yesterday

2. I'm in the office today. = I was in office yesterday too.

3. Sarah is at the supermarket today. =

4. We're in class today. =

5. You're busy today. =

7. The weather is terrible today. =

6. I'm happy today. =

8. Ann is in her office today. =

9. Tom is in his office today. =

10. Ann and Tom are in their offices today. =

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