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Learning what is English grammar is

What will I be learning from the lesson "Learning what is English grammar is"?

This lesson explains what English grammar is and gives you a brief history of languages around the world. 

What is grammar?

What is English grammar lesson

English grammar is known as the system of a language. Sometimes you may hear people describe grammar as the "rules" of the English language; when in a matter of fact the English language or any other language do not have any rules. When using the word "rules", it makes you think that somebody has created rules first before even speaking the new language. 

How did languages start?

Languages started by people making sounds which eventually evolved into words, phrases and sentences. No commonly-spoken language stays the same. Every language will change over time. What we think of "grammar" is just a reflection of a language at any given time.

Should you study grammar to learn the English language? 

Should you study English grammar to learn the the English language? The best answer is "no" which surprises most people.

Why don't I need to study English grammar? 

Many people in the England or the world speak their own, native language without even learning any grammar. From a young age children start to speak English without even knowing what the word "grammar" means or is.

So I don't have to learn English grammar as well?

If you just want to speak English because you are going on holiday then probably no, but if you are serious with learning English language, then yes it is best to learn the grammar as well.

Why learning English grammar will help you?

By learning English grammar it will help you to learn the English language more quickly and more efficiently. Try to think that by learning the grammar that it is helping you understand the language better, like your own best friend.

When you start to understand English grammar (or system), you will start to understand many things yourself, without the need to ask a teacher or using Easy Pace Learning website or a book.

Think positive and you will enjoy English grammar

When learning English grammar try to think of it as something good, something positive, and something that you can enjoy.Use grammar as a way to find your way - like a road signpost or a map that helps you.