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English lesson on conjunctive adverbs and how to use them?

During this basic English grammar lesson you will learn what conjunctive Adverbs are and how to use them. The lesson also has a list of some conjunctive Adverbs.

What are conjunctive adverbs?

Conjunctive adverbs are used when you need to join separate clauses into one sentence. 

Conjunctive adverbs are also called adverbial conjunctions, conjunctive adverbs can be really confusing as they try to do the same job as  adverbs or conjunctions. Don't let this worry you as this lesson will show you how to use them correctly and more importantly easily.

How to use conjunctive adverb

When you need to use a conjunctive adverb, you must put a  semicolon ; before it and a comma , after it. This is very important to remember.

Examples of how to use conjunctive adverbs

There are many different sizes of those pants; however, we only have the colour black.

A list of conjunctive adverbs you can use:

 instead, likewise, meanwhile, moreover, accordingly, again, also, as a result, besides, consequently, finally, for example, further, furthermore , hence, however, in addition, indeed, in fact, in particular , instead, namely, nevertheless, of course , otherwise, still, that is, then,  likewise, meanwhile, moreover,therefore, thusLearning about conjunctive adverbs basic English grammar lesson

Examples of how to use in a sentence

The due date for the final paper has passed; therefore, I could not submit mine on time.

There are many learning English websites; however, some of them are not free.

It's snowing really heavy; moreover, the roads conditions are poor

I was fast asleep; then, my mobile phone rang.

I wanted to go ice skating; however, my husband wanted to see a movie.

You should study more; otherwise, you will not pass your exam.

WARNING Conjunctive adverbs look like coordinating conjunctions

Conjunctive adverbs look like coordinating conjunctions (and, but, or, so, for, yet, nor).

Conjunctive adverbs are stronger then coordinating conjunctions  and they are punctuated differently.

A conjunctive adverbs can be used in a single main clause. when doing so only use a comma , 

I went to bed very late last night. Nevertheless, I was late for work.

Sarah didn't take a bus to college today. Instead, she walked with her friends.

Jake wants a football for Christmas. Meanwhile, Sarah wants a new laptop.

They returned home. Likewise, I went home.

List of conjunctive adverbs to download

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List of common conjunctive adverbs

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