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Phrasal verb, how to practise using them

What will I learn from the English lesson how to practise using them?

During this lesson you will learn how to practise using phrasal verbs and things that you can use to help you whilst learning phrasal verbs.

Practising Phrasal Verbslearning phrasal verbs

Now, the not so good news, unfortunately, there’s no easy way of learning phrasal verbs, but don’t let this put you off from learning them.

Don’t try and learn long lists of phrasal verbs

There are a lot of phrasal verbs for you to learn please don’t start try to learn long lists phrasal verbs and trying to memorise each one, this would will make learning English no fun at all.

Listening out for phrasal verbs

The best way to start learning phrasal verbs is listening out for phrasal verbs and when you hear one, try and think about the context and how it was used.

When you come across a new phrasal verb

 When you come across a new phrasal verb try and guess what is means then take a look at this appendix and see what kind of verb it is. Sometimes it is easy to understand what the phrasal verbs, by understanding what the verbs is it will help work out how the verb is being used.

** Warning: - don’t think of phrasal verbs as multi-word **

It is best not to think of phrasal verbs as multi-word, try to practise them as single vocabulary items. Start using a notepad and write down new phrasal verbs, even translate it into your own language. Pictures or a cartoon with a few sentences will help you remember what it is used for.

How to research

Verb: find out what the verb is using dictionary  or online dictionary

Meaning: Research using dictionary, website

Context of what was said: website, timetable, phone directory

Find out what the Objects are: A word, might be some information, bus times, an email address

What does the subject tell you?

A lot of times the subject will give you a clue to what the meaning of the verb is.

A good example of this is when subject is about movement.

The verb up is used when describing movement. Get up, Mr Bean! You have to be at the airport in two hours.

Speak up I cannot hear you.

Hurry up, Sarah we will miss the start of the film.

Fill up, the car with petrol while you are out

Finish up, we have to go now

Try remember things

Most times verbs are objects that you can connect with things you do in your life, work, and travel.

 A few examples of how to use it using travel

learning phrasal verbs using areoplanesSometimes you might want to get away. (go on holiday)

Sarah and her best friend needed to get away after all the work they had been doing, so they booked a holiday to Thailand.

When Sarah and her friend get to the airport they will need to check in for their flight.

Their plane will take off on time.

When they arrived in Thailand they will check in at their hotel.

On leaving they checked out of the hotel

Practise phrasal verbs when you encounter them

We recommend that you only practise phrasal verbs only when you encounter them and then research them. Try using phrasal verbs regularly and before long you will remember them and using them without even thinking