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Verb: be English grammar  lesson learning how to use it

What is the verb to be?

When using the verb to be it is to show the status or characteristics of something or a person. It tells what I am, what you are or what something is.

"To be or not to be..."


Question                          short answer               Negative          short answer                                       
Am I famous       Yes          you          are          No        you          aren't             
Are you clever Yes I am No I,m not
Is he hungry Yes he is No he isn't
Is she hungry Yes she is No she isn't
Is it famous Yes it is No it isn't
are we poor Yes we are No we aren't
Are          they          rich     Yes      they      are       No     they     aren't    

**** Reminder ****The verb to be made famous by shakespear

I'm = I am

aren't = are not

isn't = is not

The Verb: Be is Probably the best known verb in the world made famous because of shakespear.

Verb to be is one of the most difficult to learn

The verb "To be" is constantly changing form, sometimes without you even noticing. We use the verb a lot yet  the verb "To be" is one of  the most hardest verbs in the language to get used to.

I am  clever 
You  are famous 
He is  rich 
She is   hungry
We are   happy
They           are             happy


I have been           shopping 
You have been running
He has been   eating 
She has been  shopping 
We have been   playing 
They           have been  fighting 


I was being  naughty 
You were being           naughty
He was being  funny
She were being  naughty
We were being   naughty 
They           were being  naughty 


Using the future simple tense when speaking, you need to add subject with the auxiliary verb

I will be             good
You               will be good
He will be studying
She will be eating
We will be training 
They will be moving  


 future simple tense 
I will               I'll
You               will  you'll
He will  he'll
She will  she'll 
We will   we'll 
They will  they'll 

 To use negative in a future simple tense 

Hint:- will not = won't

 future simple tense negative
I will not           I won't
You               will not  you won't
He will not  he won't
She will not  she won't 
We will not  we won't 
They will not  they won't 


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