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English learning simple past tense

What will I be learning from the lesson learning about simple past tense, regular verbs and irregular verbs

During this English lesson you will start learning what is simple past tense and how to use it using regular verbs and irregular verbs.

What is simple past tense and how do I use it?

You will use simple past tense  when you talk about actions that have already happened at a some time in the past. You need to use a time adverb when using in a sentence. 

Examples:-present words and past tense  words

Yesterday I was working on the website. (Yesterday is a time adverb)

I went to the hospital last week. 

Regular verbs can be altered using -ed -d and -ied 

Add -ed to a the basic form of the verb 

Example:- work  + ed = worked

Verbs that end in e take -d

Example:- live  + d = lived

Verbs that with the constant  + y take -ied

Example:- study  + ied = studied 

 A short video showing simple past tense 

Irregular can not be altered using using -ed -d and -ied they need to be learned

A small list of irregular verbs
buy bought         drink drank           get (up)         got (up)          have          had sleep slept
come          came drive drove give gave read read          swim          swam
do did eat ate go went see saw take took

 Examples of how to use regular and irregular verbs in sentences

 Affirmative                                                       Negative                                                    
I cleaned the house. I didn't clean the house.
You washed the clothes. You didn't  wash the clothes.
He lived in England. He didn't  live in England.
She studied            French. She didn't  study french.
It ate its food It didn't  eat it's food.
We had a good time. We didn't  have a good time.
You went to the mall. You didn't  go to the mall
They          saw a good movie.                   They          didn't            see a good movie.

Examples of simple past tense

Mr Bean was born in London August 4th 1970.

He worked as a secret agent for many years.

Yesterday Mrs Bean woke at  7am.

Mr didn't work last week as he was on holiday with Mrs Bean.

When I was younger I didn't like to go shopping with sister as she went to many shops.

** Hint **

The past tense form of do= did.  

I didn't have any money last month.

Remember did + not = didn't

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