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Simple past tense verb: be English grammar lesson

What will I learn from the lesson simple past tense verb: be

During this lesson you will learn how to use the past tense verb be. If need don't understand the verb be click on the link English grammar lesson on the verb be. The first part of the lesson shows you some simple sentences using the singular and plural meanings.

 A sort video explaining simple past tense

Simple past tense using was and were

Affirmative                                      Negative                                        
I was at school late. I wasn't at school late.  
He was late to football training. He wasn't late to football training.   
She            was           late going to her music class.           She            wasn't           late going to her music class.  
It was late when we got home.   It wasn't late when we got home.  
We was late  for class We wasn't late  for class  
You were  late for the party. You weren't late for the party.  
They were  on time for bus. They weren't on time for bus.  


Wasn't = was + not

Weren't = were not

Simple Questions answered using yes or no

Was I   yes I was   I wasn't
Was he   yes he was   he wasn't
Was she         yes she was   she wasn't
Was     it a child?      Yes it was             No       it wasn't
Were we school friends? yes we were   we weren't
Were you good friends?      yes you were   you weren't
Were   they married? yes      they      were   they      weren't

Asking questions or WH questions

*** Hint ***  WH = question words that begin with -WH

Why was I Dropped from the football team? 
When was I sick at school?
Where was he last week?
How was she when you last talked?
Which            was           It

 When I had a kitten...

past present tense when I was a kitten I was cute

It was very cute and everyone loved it.

It was lovely and soft.

It was so adorable.

It was so playful

It was not ugly.

It was not naughty. 

It was not smelly one little bit.

Was I curious? yes I was I loved to explore in the garden 


Exercise using was and were to complete the sentences in simple past tenses

Exercise copy and write on some paper

match the questions with the answers using the words was / were
1. _________ Where were you this afternoon? A The large sizes _______
2._________ How was the party? B. She ______ sick in bed.
3._________ Who was that handsome boy with you?   C. It _______ at nine o' clock.
4._________ What was the weather likeon your trip? D. We _______ at soccer practise.   
5._________ When were the twins born. E. It ______ my boyfriend.
6._________ Which sweaters wereon sale? F. It ________ lots of fun.
7._________ What time was the show? G. They ________ born in 1999.
8._________ Why wasn't Maria at school today? H. It _______ cold and miserable.