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Pronouns learning object - subject

What will i learn from the lesson learning object pronouns subject pronouns?

During this lesson you will start learning the difference between object pronouns subject pronouns, there are short examples of how to use each one.

What are pronouns?

A pronoun is used to refer about something that as been mentioned in a sentence. You will use them instead of nouns to avoid repetition of the noun which they refer to.

It will be one of the most common pronouns that you will use in the English language.

What are subject pronouns 

Subject pronouns are the subject of sentence

What are object pronouns

Object pronouns are used as the object of the sentence.

Examples of why pronouns are needed

A sentence without using a pronoun:

The plane was late, the plane was late taking off. ** Do not use **English grammar learning how to use pronouns

A sentence  using a pronoun:

The plane was late, it  was late taking off. ** The correct way to use **

In the above example the plane is singular,meaning the pronoun must also be singular.

Example of how to use Plural

A sentence without using a pronoun:

The planes were late, the planes had been delayed. ** Do not use **

A sentence  using a pronoun:

The trains were late, they had been delayed ** The correct way to use **

In the above example the planeare plural, meaning the pronoun must also be plural.

Examples of how to use

Subject pronouns             Object pronouns                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

I                                   me They like me.
You                  you I like you.
He him She likes him.
She her He likes her.
It it We like it.
We us They like us.
They them                           We like them. 

English grammar pronouns the car was late it was late leaving

What are singular and which are plural

singular: me, you, him, her, it

Plural: us, you, they, them

Subject and Object pronouns in 1st 2nd and 3rd person 

Subject PronounsObject Pronouns
Singular           1st person I I throw the ball me Mr Bean through the ball to me.
2nd person you You like to eat food. you Mrs Bean wants to talk to you.
3rd person (male) he He eats hot dogs. him Mrs Bean doesn't like him.
3rd person (female) she She likes ice cream. her Mr Bean shouted at her.
3rd person (non-person)           it It attacked Mr bean. it Mr Bean had to hit it.
Plural 1st person we We enjoy going for walks. us Please don't lie to us.
2nd person you You are amazing students.            you I wouldn't lie to you.
3rd person they They are not happy. them you must punish them.

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