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English lesson learning simple present tense

What will I learn from the lesson learning simple present tense?

During this lesson you will learn to talk about situations and frequency of events. The last part of the lesson you will learn about events that are permanent and also occur frequently.

What is simple present tense?

By using simple present tense you are able to  talk about permanant situations and also the frequency of events.

Third person ending -s, es, ies.how to use simple present tense

Verbs that take  -s

to eat

to play

to dance

he  / she eats

he / she plays

he / she dances

Verbs that take  -es

to go

to brush

to watch

he / she goes

he / she brushes

he / she watches

Verbs that take  -ies              to study                       he / she studies

Video showing simple present tense

When using simple present tense it can be used to show how often an event happens using  adverbs of frequency.

always, never, usually, often, sometimes, occasionally, seldom, rarely.

Adverbs of frequency examples
What do you usually do on the weekend?

I always go out with my friends to the mall.

I usually stay in and cook food for my family.

I sometimes go to the local park and feed the animals.

I rarely go parties.


Time Expressions.

daily, every day, weekly, before, after, monthly, day, then, hour

I go to the gym every day.simple present tense using time

I take a shower every day.

I wash my hands before eating any food.

I brush my teeth after every meal.

I watch TV, and then i go to bed.



Try ask a question and then answer.


usually / have lunch / twelve o' clock?

1) Do you usually have lunch at twelve 0' clock?  (The Question)

2) Yes, I do or No, I don,t. I Eat lunch at one o' clock (The answer)

Using the example try make sentences for the following words:-

  1. usually / wash hands / before lunch
  2. always  / brush teeth / after dinner
  3. usually / go to school / bus
  4. sometimes / watch TV / in the morning
  5. usually / study / in the afternoon
  6. classes / always start / at three 0' clock
  7. usually / finish school / at four 0' clock
  8. always / go to bed / early

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