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What are interrogative pronouns used for?

Interrogative pronouns are used when we need to ask questions. Interrogative pronouns are when we do not know of what we are asking the question about.

These are four interrogative pronouns are the most common ones: whowhomwhatwhich

The possessive pronoun whose can also be used as an interrogative pronoun. When this happens it is called an interrogative possessive pronoun.

Examples of Interrogative Pronouns

Who won the football match?

Whom shall we ask when we get there?

Whose did they take?

Which is the greater?

What is that you have made?


Interrogative pronouns examples


Use for asking for or about 


Sentences using Interrogative pronouns


Asking for general information


What’s your age? What is your middle name?



When you have a limited choice


We have ground coffee and instant coffee. Which would you like?



When asking about a person and name


Who directed the movie terminator - was it James Cameron?



Enquiring about possession or owner

Whose is this bag? Is it yours or somebody else’s?



Use when asking about a person or name


Whom did you ask?


Interrogation pronouns explained and with examples

Examples of what each Interrogative pronoun is used for

Learning about Interrogative pronouns with examples

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