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Time prepositions in on at English lesson 

What are prepositions of time?

We use prepositions to describe a relationship between other words in a sentence. When we use prepositions of time there are 3 common ones, 'at' 'in'  and 'on'.Learning how to use the prepositions of time in on at

The prepositions of time at, in, and on explained

Using the time preposition in

When talking about years

in 1994, in 2014

When you talk about months

in December, in June

When you talk about decades

in the seventies, 

When you talk about centuries

 in the 18th century, in the 1850s

When you talk about seasons

in winter, in summer

When you talk about long periods

in the ice age

You can also use in to talk about the past or future

in the next century, in the summer / winter, she started her job in 1998

Using the preposition on

When talking about days

on Tuesday, on my birthday, on New Years Day, on Independence day

When talking about days and morning / afternoon / evening / night

on Monday morning, on Tuesday afternoon, on Monday evening, on Wednesday evening

When talking about dates

on the 4th of August 1999

Using the time preposition at

When you need to use an exact time you use at.

at one o'clock

at 9.40

at one p.m. 

When talking about holiday periods at Christmas, at Easter

at night (only use at for night!)

at the weekend

When talking about meal times at lunchtime, at dinnertime, at breakfast time

Examples of how to use prepositions of time in a sentence

I have to meet my friend at 11.30 am.

The supermarket closes at midnight.

Sarah went home at lunchtime as she was unwell.

In the UK, it often snows in winter.

Do you think they will be able to travel to mars in the future?

There is always a lot of progress made in the next century.

Did you work on your birthday?

His birthday is on 12th May.

Where will you go on Christmas Day?

Using in and on prepositions of time

Take note of the use of the time prepositions in and on with these often used expressions

in on
in the afternoon on Thursday  afternoon
in the afternoons on Sunday afternoon
in the afternoon(s) on Monday afternoon
in the evening(s) on Tuesday evening

A full list of prepositions of time 

We have covered the more common prepositions of time. In the following example is a list of more prepositions with examples of how to use them

Time prepositions 

A list of all the prepositions of time you can use with examples

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