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List of conjunctions and how to use conjunctions English grammar lesson

List of coordinating conjunctions

There are only 7 conjunctions:- And, Or But, Nor, So, For, Yet 

Remember the 7 Conjunctions

A good way to remember the 7 conjunctions  











































What are conjunctions?

Coordinating conjunction help to join parts of a sentence  By using coordinating conjunction it enables you to join parts of a sentence that are similar in importance and structure.

Examples of how to use conjunctions in a sentence

The conjunctions are in bold either side of the conjunctions are the parts of the sentence that they are joining.

John likes tea, but Jason likes coffee.

I like orange juice and apple juice.

Conjunctions linking by subordination:

A Subordinating Conjunction (they are also called a dependent word or subordinator) is a conjunction that introduces a dependent clause to a main independent clause.

Simon went cycling although it was raining very hard

Although it was raining heavily, John still went swimming.

Because it looked like it was going to rain, we have an umbrella.

I will come home straight away if it starts snowing

List of Subordinating Conjunction and what they can be used for

          where, wherever


          when, whenever, while, after, before, since, till, until, once, now


          as soon as, as long as


          because, as, since, for, although, though, to, in order to, so as to


similarity and contrast
          as, than, whereas, while

          if, unless, provided


List of some conjunctions and subordinating with examples of how to use them

List of conjunctions

Print the English lesson on a coordinating conjunctions

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