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Learning what action verbs are and how to use them English grammar lesson

What are action verbs?

Verbs are one of the most crucial parts of the sentence. It tells us about what  subjects actions, events, or state of being, are. You will always found the verb in the predicate of a sentence.  Any verb that shows some sort of action is called an action verb.
Learning what action verbs are

Present verbs

Action verbs that are describing an action that is happening right now is called a present tense verb.

The crow flies across the the sky

Flies is a present tense verb as it is happening right now.

A lot of present tense verbs will end with s, but there are some that end with es, or ies. eats, cries, splashes

Past verbs

Verbs that tell us about actions that have happened a while ago are past tense verbs. 

The cat wanted some food.

Wanted is a past tense verb as the action as already happened.

A lot of past tense verbs will end with ed, but there are some that end with d, or ied. Smacked, cried, played 

Future verbs

Verbs that tell us about actions that are going to happen in the future are future tense verbs.

You will awaken at seven a.m. Will awaken is a future tense verb as the action has yet to happen.

Future tense verbs have to use special words so they can talk about things that are going to happen. will, going to, shall, aim to, etc.

Print the English grammar lesson on action verbs

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