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When to use quotation marks grammar lesson with cheat sheets

Quotation marks and how to use them

During this English grammar lesson you will learn how to use quotation marks and also 14 rules of how and when to use quotation marks.

What are quotation marks used for?

You have to use quotation marks when you need to show the beginning and end of a phrase or word that comes from outside the text that we are writing. Quotation marks can be called "quotes" or sometimes "inverted commas".

When to use quotation marks?

You must use quotation marks around the title or name of a book, film, ship etc:

"Spiderman" is a 2013 movie and is about a boy who got bit by a spider.

If you are  quoting or citing, usually from another source then you have to put quotation marks around a piece of text that you are quoting or citing, this is usually from another source:

In The Oxford Encyclopedia of The English Language, John Chew states that punctuation "still plays a critical role in the modern writing system we have today".

When quoting a dialogue or direct speech you have to use quotation marks

It was a lovely moonlit night. Jason walked onto the balcony and was followed by Sarah. They stood there together looking at the moon. Then Sarah turned to Jason and said: "I like looking at the full moon it is so relaxing"

When using slang or jargon it must also be in quotations

The man rang the police as there was a "disturbance" across the street

If you want to make a word "special" you can also use quotations

14 rules of how and when to use quotation marks

14 rules of how and when to use quotation marks.

Quotation cheat sheet

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