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Learning what are adjectives

This English grammar lesson starts of by showing what adjectives are and what adjectives can be used to for.

What are adjectives?

Adjectives are used to describe nouns. They are words that describe or to modify a person, thing, place, or idea in the sentence. They can also describe pronouns. Adjectives most of the time come before the word, they are used to describe nouns.

What are adjectives

Adjectives can be used to describe 

Learning what adjectives can be used for

Examples of how to use adjectives

Black cat

Blue sky

Large elephant

Adjectives tell you more about nouns.

What are nouns?

Nouns are ‘naming’ words and indicate a person, place or thing.

Adjectives tell you more about the noun used. By using adjectives it will make your sentences more interesting to the reader.

The Handsome boys laughed.

In this example         ‘boys’ is the noun (it tells you who is laughing).
handsome’ is the adjective (it tells us  more about the noun being used).

More examples with nouns and adjectives:

The slim girl ate dinner.

Young John and I ran up the large hill

Using 2 or more adjectives

 You can use two or more adjectives together.

A handsome young English man.

John loved drinking a refreshing, cold drink on long, hot, sunny days during the summer.

Adjectives and the verb to be

Adjectives can be used after the verb ‘to be’.


 Jane is brown and beautiful