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English basics using the words I am I'm in at on lesson

What will I learn from the lesson using the words  I am I'm in at on?

This lesson you will learn the how to use the words  'I am I'm in at on' in a sentence and when to use them.

What do the words 'I am I'm in at on' mean?

When you use these words you are describing an action you are doing

Using the word in

When you use the word 'in' it means that you are entering a physical location like a room or a vehicle.

Examples of the word in:

I am in the shower.
I am in the kitchen.
I'm in a bus. 
I'm in a flat.
I'm in a University.

Using the word at

When you use the word 'at'  you are telling someone where you currently are.

What's the  difference between 'at' and 'in'

Using the word "in" gives the idea that you are in a specific room. 

Using the word 'at 'give the idea you are in a general location could be inside, could be just outside or even in the parking lot.

Examples of the word at:

I'm at the bank.
I'm at the supermarket.
I'm at the hospital.
I'm at the football ground.
I'm at the train station.

Can you use 'at' and 'in' to mean the same thing?

Yes, use the word 'at' for the overall area of the place, could be inside,could be just outside or maybe in the parking lot.

when using the word 'in'  it means you are inside.I'm at on in learn how to use them

Examples using in and at:

I'm at the bank.
I'm in the bank.
I'm at the supermarket.
I'm in the supermarket.
I'm at the train station.
I'm in the train station.

Using the word 'on' when you refer to something that is not a physical location. This mean your time being used by something else.

Here are some examples:

I'm on the mobile phone.
I'm on my laptop.
I'm on a areoplane.

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