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Idioms about the human body and meaning English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson on human bodies idioms?

In this Lesson you will learn the different  idioms about the human body and what they mean. After there is a link to the A to Z of Idioms phrases from the England, American and around the world.

Idioms about the human body lesson

List of all idioms from the picture

Head start
An advantage over everyone else

Sight for sore eyes
A sight that makes you happy

A weight off your shoulders
You no longer worry about something or deal with something difficult

Pain in the neck
Someone or something making your life difficult

Gut feeling
A sense or impression that you're subconscious has about a person or situation

Hands are tied
You are prevented from doing something. It is not within your power

Joined at the hip
To be exceptionally close to someone

Weak at the knees
To feel emotion so strongly that it makes you feel unstable on your feet

Achilles heel
A weakness that can result in failure

Find your feet
To adjust to a new place or situation

Idioms A to Z phrases from the England, American and around the world 

To view the A to Z of idioms click on the link A to Z Idioms - list  phrases from around the world

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