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Different ways to Greet someone and introductions English lesson

What will I be learning from the lesson general greetings and introductions?

This lesson follows on from the other 2 lessons on greetings and introductions. You will learn why people shake hands and why some people kiss each other on the cheek. If you are here for the first time or need to refresh on what you have learnt  the other lessons you can view by clicking on the link the first one is  English greetings learning introductions  and the second one is  learning how to ask someone for there name

Meeting someone and shaking hands

When British people meet they normally will shake hands an example of this is when British people are introduced to new people, or meeting friends, they will shake hands, but when they are leaving company such as a friend or family, then won't shake hands as much the older generation will though.English greeting by shaking hand

Meeting someone and kissing on the cheek

On greeting or leaving someone you will sometimes see between friends or family  they will  kiss (often just a peck on the cheek), this is only acceptable between man and women, you will not see two British men kissing, even if it is only on the cheek.

Basic greeting between business peopleEnglish introductions can be simple

Introducing others

In business if a person of lower authority they will be introduced to a person of higher authority.Younger people  should be introduced to an older person.

Introducing yourself to someone

When you shake hands with people some people will  give you their name without saying "Hello" or anything else. This can appear to be a bit unfriendly, but it's not considered to be rude and is mainly used in business situations. 

A brief example of how you would use this

basic English greetingYou should hold out your right hand and say, "Sally ( offering your  hand to the other person as you say this)."
you should only do this if you wish to be on first-name (Sally) terms with someone otherwise offer your hand and say "hello".

Second example:-

Sometimes you might want to introduce yourself by using your second name as well as your first name "Hello, my name is Sally, Jones Sally  (offer your hand to the other person).

How to React to an introduction

When someone introduces themselves,  you  react the same as you would as an introduction. Hello Ben, my name is Sally am pleased to meet you.

Greeting and introductions video

The second video on greetings and introductions shows you how to do greetings before conversation, greetings in business, a class room and at a party.


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