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Help sheet for there, their, and they're to help you understand English lesson

What will I learn from this lesson on there, their, and they're help sheet.

Sometimes when learning the English language it can be confusing when using there, their, and they're by using this help sheet you will learn a simple way to test if you using the correct one by changing one word.

Help Sheet when using There, Their, and They’re



 When to Use


 How to Test if correct


 Name a place, a thing, or the existence of something


 Replace “there” with “here


 Showing possession of something


 Replace “their” with “our


 Combining the words “they” and “are”


 Replace “they’re” with “they are

There examples: 

“We have never been there before.” 

there their they're help sheep for learning English

 Test to see if correct: “We have never been here before.” correct!

 “This is there football.”

 Test to see if correct “This is here football.” Wrong!

Their examples:

1. “I went to their house last week.”

Test to see if correct: “I went to our house last week.” correct!

"There toys are in the cupboard"

Test to see if correct: "Here toys are in the cupboard" Wrong!

They're examples:

"They're studying English"

Test to see if correct: "They are studying English" correct! 

How to use there, their, they're correctly using this great cheat sheet

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