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Different ways to cook food English basics lesson

What will I learn from the lesson on ways to cook food?

This lesson you will learn the vocabulary for 13 of the more common ways to cook food and the vocabulary for equipment used to cook food. The last part of the lesson gives a brief description of each cooking method. 

 different ways to cook food

 To bake  To cook in an oven without any extra fat.
 To roast

 To cook, especially meat, in an oven or over a fire.

 To boil  To cook food in boiling water that is 100° C
 To fry  To cook food in hot oil, or fat
 To steam  To cook food by heating it in the steam made from boiling water
 To simmer  To cook something slowly in hot liquid kept at or just below the boiling point. (85° C / 95° C) 
 To poach  To cook an item by submerging it in a liquid that is just barely simmering. (75° C / 85° C)
 To Flambé  To cook with alcohol which is added to a hot pan to create flames for a short time.
 To toast  To cook or brown food, like. bread or cheese by exposing it to a grill or fire
 To stir fry  To fry very quickly over high heat; "stir-fry the vegetables in a wok".
 To BBQ   To cook food over charcoals on a grill
 To stew  To cook meat and vegetables slowly in liquid in a closed dish or pan 

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