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Bicycle parts vocabulary lesson

What will I learn from the lesson on bicycle parts?

This lesson you will learn all the vocabulary for the different parts of a bicycle.  

A standard bicycle

learning parts of a bicycle

Examples of sentences using bike parts

A few examples of how to use some of the bike parts in a sentence.

Handlebars are used for steering.

Brake lever you need to squeeze the leaver to slow or stop the bike.

Water bottles are great for carrying water or fruit juice when you are on a long ride.

Most bicycles have 2 wheels 

Tyres To help grip the road or dirt track.

Attach the bike pump to the valve to put some air in the tyres.

When you stop you can use the bike stand.

Pedals  help the person to propel the bike forward using their feet.

Reflectors shine very brightly when car head lights shine on them to help you keep safe at night.

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