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Hair Cut beauty and massages learning English conversation

English lesson hair cut beauty and massages

During this English lesson you will learn to ask questions about choosing a salon and what services they provide. The last part of the lesson shows a examples of how you can make an appointment.

Why go salon?

Most women will go to a salon to get hair cut or styled there are some salons that offer more other services from massages, pedicures to manicures and nail art.

What is a barber?

In the UK men will go to a barbers to get there hair cut they can go to salons as most are unisex. Barbers don not offer the same range of services that a salon does, but men can also pay to have a shave. 

How to choose a salon

If you are looking for a place to get your hair cut or styled the best way is  by word of mouth (word of mouth means passing of  information person to person).

The following question are what you can ask someone about the salon they go to.

Who cuts your hair it is really nice, which salon did you go to get it cut and styled?
Do you need to make an appointment?
Do they have any other services available?
My last salon used to sell hair products do they?
Can you tell  me what the prices are
Do i need to book well in advance?

Booking for an appointment for a hair cut

Now you are ready having chosen your salon you will need to phone the salon to book your appointment.

Below is a list of questions that you might ask or get asked.

Hello, can I make an appointment please?
What would you like doing?
Did you need to get your hair coloured?
What day would you like your hair doing?

I would like my hair done Saturday morning if possible
We also do pedicures would you like to book one as well?
Last time you had a massage as well shall I book you a massage as well?
We have male and female for your massage which would you?
What type of massage do you like we have Thai and oil massage?

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