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Eating a restaurant and requesting a bill English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson Eating at restaurants and requesting a bill?

During this lesson you will learn about what a waiter or waitress will say to you when they come to your table in a restaurant and how to ask for a bill when you have finished your meal. The lesson shows several examples of questions you might get asked and how to answer some of them

At the restaurant

When you go to a restaurant the waiter or waitress, will come to your table at least once when you are eating and ask how everything is.

Why come to the table?

The reason they come to your table after the food as arrived is to see if for you to order something else or maybe complain about something or just to order more drinks.

Examples of some things they are likely to ask you:

How is everything? Yes, thank you.
Is everything OK for you? Yes, but is it possible to have some more french fries?
Is everything OK?
How is your dinner everything to your liking? No, my vegetables are cold.
How is your lunch?
Are you all OK? Yes, and can we all have another round of drinks please.
Do you need anything else with your meal? No we are fine thanks.


When you have almost finished your meal, they will ask if you would like some dessert.

Would you like dessert after your meal? Yes, please can I see the dessert menu please.
Would you like to see our dessert menu?
Would you like to order any dessert from our dessert trolley? No thanks I am full after the meal.
Do you want any dessert after your meals?
Would you like to try our dessert special? ohh, can you tell me what it is?

Paying the bill

When you have finished eating and drinking everything you will want your bill.

Getting the bill

One of the things you can do to get the bill is to look for the server and make eye contact then raise your hand. When they come to your table you can ask them for the bill.

Can I have my bill? 
Can we have the bill please.
I am ready for my bill.
I am ready to pay the bill.
I would like my check please.

The waiter or waitress will reply "'yes, I will go and get it for you" to these questions and then bring your bill for you to your table.

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