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Body parts talking about the body area English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson talking about body parts?

During this lesson you will learn to talk about various body parts. Some of the things you will learn include things about health and general statements about a persons body.

Talking about the body area

I got whiplash after having a car accident last year.
My mother hurt her neck when she turned her head too quickly just before sneezing.
The boy had a big Adam's apple. An Adam's apple is the lump in the front of the neck only found on men.

I have been getting a lot of chest pain recently.
When someone gets asthma, it just feels like someone is pressing on your chest and squeezing your lungs.

What is asthma?

What is asthma? asthma is a respiratory disease that makes it difficult for you to breath

The man nudged me on my shoulder as he was walking by.
I feel like a big load has been taken off my shoulders. (Click here for the meaning idioms and there meaning)
I have very broad shoulders.
A lot of girls like guys with broad shoulders.

I want to lose a lot of the fat on my stomach.
I have a beer belly. What is a beer belly? It is a terminology that is used to describe a stomach that sticks out because someone has been drinking to much beer.

I get a stomach ache if I eat spicy food.
I have an upset stomach."
My stomach hurts as I have eaten to much.
You must be hungry. I can hear your stomach rumbling from over here.
I going to the gym as I want a six pack.

Whats a six pack?

Six pack is used to describe someone with a flat stomach that has six or eight lines showing the muscle lines.

Sometime you might hear some say His stomach is like a washboard, but this not used very often.

The ball hit him in the groin.

What does groin mean?

Groin is the area between the legs. You might also hear it being called the crotch area, but crotch is more related to the personal area, where as the groin can mean the general vicinity.

What does vicinity 

Vicinity means area

The footballer pulled is groin while he was playing football.

That has such a big bottom. (bottom can also can be called butt).
Her bottom is so flat.
If you go skiing, your bottom will hurt the next day.

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