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Body Parts talking about leg and head area English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson body parts leg and head area?

During this English lesson you will learn how to talk about head and leg parts. The lesson shows several examples of how to talk about problems you might have with these parts and how to ask questions.

Talking about the leg area

I went running at weekend and now my legs are sore.
Your legs can get very sore when you first go skiing.
I hate it when I get cramps playing football.
I usually only get cramps on my calf muscle.
I banged my toe against the dining table.
These shoes hurt my feet so much
I got a bruise on my thigh after my falling down the stairs.

I banged my knee against the the kitchen door and it hurts.
I got a scar on my knee when I was little after having an operation.
After twisting your knee is really painful and you will need to rest it a long time.

I broke my ankle playing football.
My ankle was swollen after I sprained it walking on an uneven footpath.
I always buy shoes that support my ankles.

Talking about the head area

My ears are so cold.
My nose always turns red when the weather is cold.
I always get a runny nose during the winter time as I get many colds.
A lot of people suffer from a runny nose during the allergy season.
Why is your whole face is turning red.

I have a really bad head ache.
My face usually turn red when I drink to much alcohol.
Do not pick your nose it is very rude.
My eyes are itchy.
I get a lot of cold sore on my lips.

I hit the back of my head on the desk after picking up a pencil from the floor.

Questions about face parts

My sister got her ear pierced yesterday.
How did you manage to get a black eye?
What has happened to your face?
How did you get that cut on your nose?
Did you have a lot of acne problems?

Acne is another terminology for pimples - spots.

I used to get a lot of spots when I was a teenager.
My mouth always waters when I smell cakes or fresh bread cooking in the oven.

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