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Using Auxiliary verbs have has had Exercise learning basic English 

What will I learn from the exercise using auxiliary verbs have, has, had?

This is the exercise for the lesson Have Has Had verbs learning basic English. The exercise is a chance for you to practise what you have learnt from the lesson. 

Has, Have,Had

How do I complete the exercise?

Read the sentences. Copy onto some paper (or print) and fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verb to complete each sentence.

Has Have Had

1.  Mr Bean __________ a cold last week and she missed school. Have Has Had exercise learning English basic

2.  Tonight, Kitty will __________ her first birthday party.

3.  Luckily, mum__________ time to cook us food.

4.  Last week, Jane and Richard __________ fun ice skating.

5.  I really hope that he __________ the time to fix my car.

6.  The students __________ fun watching the performers act.

7.  She __________ a new cat named Blackie.

8.  Jason __________ to hand out the English exercise papers yesterday.

9.  Now Jane __________ a huge smile on her face.

10.  We __________ fun with our friends and family each day.


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