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Weather asking questions and types of weather English lesson

Asking questions about weather and the different types?

During this lesson You will learn about the many types of weather using verbs. The next part of the lesson shows you how  adjectives can be used to describe the weather, that we have in the UK. British people like to talk about the weather so the last part of the lesson shows examples of how to ask questions and how to answer them.

Describing the weather using verbs.

Below is list of the different types of weather you are most likely to use.

The sun is shining       It's drizzling (light rain)       The wind is blowing      It's raining (The rain is falling.)

It's hail (hail stones)    It's pouring down (The rain is pouring down.)       It's snowing (The snow is falling.)      It's thundering and lightening

Describing the weather using adjectives 

Sweltering = It's sweltering. or It's a sweltering day.          Freezing = It's freezing. or It's a freezing day.

Warm = It's warn. or It's a warm day.                               Cold = It's cold. or It's a cold day.

Sunny = It's sunny. or It's a sunny day.                            Cloudy = It's cloudy. or It's a cloudy day.

Clear = It's clear. or It's a clear day.                                 Stormy = It's stormy. or It's a stormy day.

Misty = It's misty. or It's a misty day.                               Foggy = It's foggy. or It's a foggy day.

Breezy = It's breezy. or It's a breezy day                          Windy = It's windy. or It's a windy day.

Showery = It's showery. or It's a showery day.                 Rainy = It's rainy. or It's a rainy day.

Frosty = It's frosty. or It's a frosty day.                            Snowy = It's snowy. or It's a snowy day.

Icy = It's icy. or It's an icy day.                                       Drizzly = It's drizzly. or It's a drizzly day.

 Dry = It's dry. or It's a dry day.

How to ask questions about the weather and how they can be answered. 

What's it like outside?  It's really cold now.

How's the weather? It's minus ten. (-10 degrees)

Do you have rain? We have not had any rain for many weeks.

What's the temperature in Manchester? Today it is 22 degrees Celsius which is a lot warmer then it has been.

It's snowing here in Manchester, what's it doing there? It's raining really hard.)

It is a Beautiful day for a walk? We couldn't ask for a better day.

What's the weather forecast for the rest of the week? They're saying we will have blue skies for the rest of the week.


List of English words that are associated with the weather

Below is a list of words that you might hear someone say.

sunshine      lightning    puddles    raindrops    hailstones

snowflakes   frost        flood         drought

tidalwave     tornado / twister      The weather forecast

 Click here to play the hangman game about weather

Starting a conversation with someone about the weather

If you are visiting or going on holiday to England remember English people love to talk about the weather. It is a great way to start a conversation when you do not know someone.

Different types of weather

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