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I will help you + verb learning English basic lesson

What will I learn from the basic English lesson I will help you + verb?

During this English lesson you will learn what the words 'I will help you' mean. The lesson has several examples of how to use them in sentences. The last part of the lesson show you how to shorten the words 'I will' and when to use the shortened form. 

Why use the words 'i will help you'?

When you use the words 'I will help you'  it tells someone that you are offering to provide assistance. There are various ways that you can help someone it can be physical or mental. When you are helping someone mental you might be helping someone to think or remember something they have forgotten.

Examples of how to use the words 'I will help you':

I will help you clean your car with you.
I will help you provide all the clothes you need for your holiday.
I will help you realize just what your potential is.
I will help you stop smoking if you let me.
I will help you shop for a new pair of shoes later.

How to shorten I will?

When talking most people say I'll help you and not I will. It is only used in spoken form when writing it is best to use I will.

I'll help you cook breakfast you look tired this morning.
I'll help you raise money for your sponsored walk.
I'll help you register for your new school.
I'll help you move that big pile of soil in the garden
I'll help you prevent the dog from escaping from the garden again.

Exercise on using I will help you

Using a pen and paper try and make 10 of your own sentences using the words '' I will help you'.

I will help you ......

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