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How is your Day talking present tense English lesson

What will I learn from the lesson talking in present tense?

In this English lesson, you will learn how to talk to someone using the present tense. The lesson shows several examples sentences. In the next part of the lesson there are examples of how to ask questions and answer them. 

What is present tense?

Present tense you are talking about what is going on right now if you need a more detailed explanation click the linkfor lesson Simple present tense explained if you need to refresh your memory.

Example sentences using present tense:

I see Sarah over there by the food stall.
I'm going to the football match.
I'm on my way to work.
I'm going to the train station.

Jason is going to the supermarket.
Mrs Bean is stopping by now.
The annual meeting is starting now in room 123.
The manageress is waiting for you and Bob in her office.
Tell the receptionist that you need to see Mr Jones.

Questions using present tense:

How are you doing?
How is your week going?
How is your day going
What are you doing now?

When answering these types of question, you have to remember that you are talking about what is going on right now, so remember use the present tense.

I am enjoying the my holidays and just relaxing in the garden enjoying the sunshine.
I am playing a computer video game on my computer with my friends online.
I am at the supermarket buying vegetables and meat for tonight's dinner.
I am at the library reading a book.

By using I am ( I'm when talking) you are making the sentence present tense  

More detailed answers you can give to someone could be:

I'm very busy right now. I am doing my homework as tomorrow we have to hand it in to the teacher.
My college project deadline is at the end of May, so I am currently in the tying to finish the website so I can start writing the report for it.
I am taking the day off from work today because I have so many things to do. I am going to the bank to deposit some money then am going to travel agent to book a holiday.
I am looking for a new job. The job I have is not that great, but I can't give up it up till I have found a new job.
I am applying for a job at a computer firm in London
I am listening to the radio while thinking about what to cook for dinner.

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