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Exercise and asking questions basic English lesson

What will I learn from the basic English lesson exercise and asking questions?

During this basic English lesson you will learn how to ask questions about sport and how to answer them.

There are various types of exercise. Some people might think walking is exercise, and some other people will think weight lifting is exercise. In the next couple of lessons, we will take a closer look at various types of exercise.

Exercising can be done in many different ways. Here is a small list to get us started:

  • Going for a walk
  • Going jogging
  • going running
  • sports
  • Doing aerobics
  • rowing a boat or machine at a gym 
  • cycling
  • weight lifting

Questions to do with sport

Do you like to exercise?
Yes I like exercise every day.

Do you work out at the gym?
Sometimes, I like to go running more.

What kind of exercising do you like doing?
I like to go cycling.

Can you tell me where a good place to exercise?
I like to go to the local sports center.

Why don't you do any exercise?
I am working long hours at the moment.

Where do you jogging?
I usually go jogging in the local park.

How far to do cycle?
On average about 200 km a week.

How long do you running for?
Only 30 minutes every mourning before going to work.

How often should I do exercise?
People say to go do it at least 3 times a week.

Where can I do aerobics?
Try and find a local class or the sports center.

How many hours a week should I exercise?
Try and do 20 minutes every day.

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