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Shopping for clothes English lesson

What will I learn from the English lesson shopping for clothes?

During this English lesson you will learn about the different types of shopping, what windows shopping is and how to ask general questions in a shop / store.

Who likes to shop?

Most people of any age like some kind of shopping ladies seem to like shopping the most. 

What kind of shopping are there?

There are many kinds of shopping you can do, food shopping, clothes shopping, grocery shopping or present shopping.

What is window shopping?

Window Shopping is used when people do not buy anything just look what is in the shop window. The term window shopping came about when stores started to use mannequins which were put in the window with items of clothes on them. So when people were walking passed the store they would stop and look at the clothing in the window.

What are mannequins?

A mannequins are life size figures made of plastic and are used to display clothes. Most department stores show clothing with the mannequins.

General questions you can ask in a clothing store.

Can you tell me where the dressing room is?

I can't seem to find my size.

Can you help me look for it please?

Do you have this in different colours?

Can you please tell me where about's the jeans are?

Where is the black shirt you have on display in the shop window?

How much is this jumper?

Will you be having a sale soon?

Where is the matching shirt for this skirt?

When are you going to get more sizes?

I'm looking for a belt that will go with these pants.

Doe's the shop have alteration service?

What will it cost be if I get the skirt altered?

When will you  start selling your winter clothes collection?

What day will you be getting your winter clothes collection?

How to answer some of the above questions

The dressing room is on left at the bottom of the store.

The dressing room is over there next to the jeans.

All our jumpers are located next to the t-shirts at the front of the store.

We get new stock every Monday, so I if you want to try next week.

Yes the store does have alterations ask at the information desk.

Alterations, start from six pounds.

alterations normally takes one week, but can be quicker depending on our work load. If you leave the shirt today you will be able to pick them up next Friday.

We'll have our winter collection on show late October.

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